Learn about learning, teach about teaching, and educate about education!

The Education Track brings together teachers, programmers, educators, creators of education tools, students and folks who are keen to learn and discuss ideas to help the next generation of programmers. Python programming is becoming more common in education settings, whether taught as part of the Digital Technologies classrooms, integrated across the curriculum, or embedded in coding clubs. We want to hear from teachers, education professionals, edutech enthusiasts and more about what’s worked, what hasn’t and everything in-between!

The PyConAU Education Track for 2024 will also have a dedicated Student Showcase for student presentations. We are calling for proposals for short talks from Australian high school students who are using Python in a project, class assignment or who are hacking on something cool. All levels of experience are welcome from complete novices to Python pros. Applications for the Student Showcase will open soon, through a separate process.